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Govt Spends 46 Percent Of Development Budget

Aug 14, 2019

Kabul (Afghanistan) August 14: At least 46 percent of the development budget has been spent by different budgetary units, but some institutions have spent less than 10 percent of their budget, figures by the Ministry of Finance indicate.
The figures show a five to seven percent increase in budget spending compared with the same period in the last year.
According to the ministry, 11 budgetary units have spent more than 50 percent of their development budget.
The Capital Region Independent Development Authority has spent the highest amount of budget in comparison with other budgetary units, the Finance Ministry's spokesman Shamroz Khan Masjidi said.
Nine other budgetary units have spent less than 25 percent of their development budget while the lowest percentage is attributed to the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology which has spent 6.4 percent of its development budget.
The total amount of the overall budget after an addition to the mid-year budget has increased to Afs411 billion ($5.2 billion) from Afs399 billion ($5 billion) at the beginning of the current fiscal year, the ministry said.
From the total amount, Afs297 billion ($3.7 billion) has been allocated for ordinary budget and the remaining Afs127 billion ($1.6 billion) is for the development budget, the MoF information show.
"Unfortunately, some ministries have spent less than 20 and 10 percent [of their development budget]. Part of the budget of these ministries was reduced after a review in the mid-year budget," Mr. Masjidi said.
A former MP, Sediqa Aimaq, said lack of attention in spending the development budget by many institutions has left many key projects incomplete since 2011.
"The development budget is crucial for Afghans but required attention is not paid in this respect," she said.
Source: Tolo