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Karzai Asks US To Resume Peace Talks

Sep 20, 2019

Kabul (Afghanistan) Sept 20: Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai during a press conference on Thursday said: "Today I am calling on the US government to resume peace talks with the Taliban," and "from the beginning, talks should be transparent and clear."
US President Donald Trump quashed the peace talks with the Taliban after the group claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in Kabul that killed 12, including an American soldier, on September 8.
"We must strive for peace, and the Taliban must know they will need to share power in Afghanistan," Karzai said. "In dealing with the US alone, the Taliban will not rule in Afghanistan-they must negotiate with Afghans."
Karzai believes that China, Russia, Germany and a number of neighboring countries are trying resume the peace talks between the US and Taliban: "We hope these countries increase their efforts for peace."
Karzai also called on the Taliban to stop killing civilians: "By conducting attacks and killing Afghans you will not defeat the US in Afghanistan.we will have peace when we come together."
"No one wants an interim government in Afghanistan, it's not in anyone's interest. We want peace in Afghanistan," he added.
Source: Tolo