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Ministry Plans New Mechanism To Boost Transportation System

Sep 02, 2019

Kabul (Afganistan) September 02: The Ministry of Transportation on Sunday announced the creation of a mechanism titled "project management system" based on which the ministry will jointly undertake the monitoring and gradual implementation of road construction projects with the public in the future.
Acting Minister of Transportation, Yama Yari, said the mechanism will help the employees of the ministry to prevent violations and other shortcomings in road construction projects.
He said that rising security threats is the key factor which has undermined the implementation of road construction projects in the country.
Mr. Yari said the new mechanism will also help to ensure the good quality of the projects.
"This will ensure on-time implementation of the work and other working plans related to the projects. We are undertaking at least ten types of working plans which include operational plans, technical plans, maintenance plan, plan for the safety of the staff members," said Sayed Shah Aqa, head of the department for development and project management system of the Ministry of Transportation.
According to Mr. Yari, work on the implementation of road and railway link projects is moving in the right direction.
"Of course, lack of security in some regions of the country has its impacts on the projects," Mr. Yari said.
Although it's believed that the cost of road construction projects in the country has been unprecedented over the past eighteen years, but it is said that majority of the amount gone waste due to mismanagement and security threats.
Source: Tolo