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Suga: Japan to monitor N.Korea missile launch

Dec 02, 2019

Tokyo (Japan) Dec 02: The Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary says missile launches by North Korea present a serious challenge to the international community.
Yoshihide Suga made the remarks at a news conference on Monday after a North Korean foreign ministry official issued a statement through state-run media on Saturday.
The statement criticized Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by name and warned that Abe may see "what a real ballistic missile" looks like up close and soon.
Suga said he's aware of the remark but will not comment on every such statement.
He pointed out that North Korea has launched more than 20 missiles this year.
He said the missile launches are extremely regrettable as they present a serious challenge to Japan as well as the international community and violate UN Security Council resolutions.
Suga indicated Japan will continue to do its utmost to stay vigilant and carry out surveillance in cooperation with the United States.
Source: NHK World